What Does it Mean to Take Care of Yourself? Helpful Tips

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What Does it Mean to Take Care of Yourself? Helpful Tips

Man Putting Indigo Marine Collagen Peptides into a Glass of Water

We love talking about how to practice self-gratitude and good ways to show that to yourself. But what does it mean to take care of yourself?

Self-care is very important and it’s something that we think everyone needs to practice. With Thanksgiving now having come and gone, and the December holidays just around the corner, it is, more than ever, important to show some self-love and some gratitude for yourself. That’s why this week we wanted to highlight four quick and easy ways to take care of yourself and show yourself some gratitude.

Sleeping in on a Day Off

We all can use a little extra sleep. We know that especially around the holidays our sleep debt can get high with the late nights planning out meals, wrapping gifts, or just working a little extra to try and set ourselves up for an easier holiday period. Maybe it’s a weekend that you have nothing planned for, or it’s a day you might have off around the holidays, but it can be a great treat for yourself to sleep in a little extra when you have a day off. It’s a great way to catch up on your Z’s following a busy week or to just show yourself that you care. 

Giving Yourself a Present!

With how busy the holiday period is with purchasing gifts for others and making sure everyone else is happy, sometimes one of the best ways to focus a little time on yourself is to get yourself a gift! We all know it’s better to give than receive, but here, you can give AND receive! Whether it’s something small or it’s a bigger item that you’ve been wanting and saving up for, carve out a little extra time and take yourself to the store to get that gift that you have been eyeing for the past month or two. Even if there is nothing, or it’s not in your budget at this moment, you can get yourself the gift of a self-care spa day at home, or a quiet night in. You don’t need to physically buy yourself a gift to give yourself a present, and that’s sometimes the way we like it!

Show Yourself Some Love with Collagen

One of the best ways to show yourself some love is by giving yourself the gift of marine collagen. Our marine collagen comes in four different flavors, including three rocking flavors that are great on their own, and our Pure option that is perfect as a mix-in with baked goods, smoothies, and much, much, more! Collagen is the perfect way to give yourself a gift because you are really doing right by your body by using it, and it’s got plenty of benefits for men, women, and athletes. Indigo Collagen is perfect for everyone because it improves the health of your skin, bones, teeth, joints, and can be part of a well-balanced diet to improve your overall health. Get your marine collagen today and see why everyone raves about its benefits.


Being Honest and Kind with Yourself

One of the most important, and best, ways of taking care of yourself is to put into words your kind actions towards yourself. We mentioned positive affirmations last week as a great way to show self-gratitude, and this is similar to that. Being honest to yourself about the great work that you do for yourself and others and being kind and gentle with yourself when you are feeling down are very good and easy ways to take care of yourself. Doing these little things can be a great reminder of the person you are and the kindness that you deserve from both yourself as well as others. 



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