Our Mission

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Our Mission

We started Indigo Marine Collagen with a single mission: create a product that is better for YOU and better for the planet. Our commitment to sustainability is something we pride ourselves on, from the way we source our fish, to our transparent manufacturing and testing processes. Unlike most other companies who buy their ingredients from various manufacturers, (with limited to no visibility into their practices), we own the entire supply chain! This allows us to ensure the cleanest and highest quality product for you. The product you have in your hands is free of additives, preservatives, colors, fillers, and bulking agents.


Why Did We Choose Marine Collagen?

So, why did we choose marine collagen? We knew that we could provide a premium product that was formulated with only the safest, cleanest, and most responsibly sourced ingredients. Unlike other high-impact sources of collagen, like bovine, porcine, and chickens, Indigo Collagen is sourced from non-GMO wild-caught fish in the North Atlantic ocean. They are collected from sustainable food fishermen in Canada, the United States, and Europe to provide quality raw materials. The materials we use are actually the fish skins that would normally be thrown away, creating a full cycle of sustainability. It is very important for us to create as little waste as possible during our process.

Our Sustainability

While we are not perfect in our sustainability, we are consistently working towards reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to our community. We are planning beach clean-ups starting on the east coast and will be donating a percentage of profits to organizations that share the same goal: to keep our oceans clean. Also, our canisters are made from 100% recycled plastics, specifically, HDPE plastic, which is the most easily recycled plastic.


We Take Pride In Our Products

In addition to our focus on sourcing and sustainability, we wanted to create a product that not only was more bioavailable, but also provided a fuller spectrum of impact. Unlike bovine collagen, Indigo is a complete source of Collagen Types I, II, III, and IV, supporting your hair, skin, nails, and bone health. We truly believe that anyone can benefit from our clean, delicious collagen supplements and they can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle.

We not only want to change the way the industry sources marine collagen, but also who uses it and why. Indigo Collagen is for every body and we are so grateful to have you join us.