How to Restore Collagen in Your Body

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How to Restore Collagen in Your Body

Man Using Indigo Marine Collagen Peptides to Restore Collagen in Body

There are many ways to improve your day-to-day health, and one of the best is super simple -- restore collagen in your body!

Knowing the Types of Collagen

Before you can boost your collagen, it can be beneficial to know a little more about collagen. One of the things to know is that not all collagen is equal. There are four types of collagen and all four help in different areas of your body.

Type I: This is the most common type in your body. It helps provide structure to all of your body’s structures! That includes things like your skin, bones, tendons, and teeth. It’s the main component of your bones, so that makes this one of the most important types.

Type II: Unlike Type I collagen, this is a collagen type that includes looser-packed fibers and is found in your elastic cartilage, which supports your joints.

Type III: This type gives structure to your muscles, organs, and arteries.

Type IV: Found in your skin, this key type of collagen helps with filtration.

Now generally, you need to eat a variety of different things to take in enough of each of these four main types. With Indigo Collagen, though, that is not the case! Our collagen has been proven to contain all four of these main types of collagen, making Indigo Collagen the leader and best in collagen supplementation. 


Restore Collagen Through Eating

Other than a daily scoop of Indigo Collagen, the easiest way to increase your collagen intake is to know which foods have the collagen that you need. Collagen is found in plenty of food sources, like chicken, fish, pork, and bone broth, but there are other ways through different types of nutrients that you can increase your collagen intake. Whether you don’t eat meat or are trying out the pescatarian diet, that doesn’t mean that you have to do without collagen through food. 


Vital Nutrients for Top-Tier Collagen Restoration

Vitamin C is an important nutrient in the collagen-creating process that goes on in your body. Citrus fruits are always a great way to boost your Vitamin C intake, as are bell peppers and strawberries. Vitamin C is used in the process where proline and glycine, two key amino acids, are combined to form collagen. Proline can be found in egg whites, dairy, asparagus, and mushrooms, while glycine can be found in plenty of meats, but also spinach, watercress, and cabbage.

What to Avoid to Keep Collagen High

Just as taking in collagen through Indigo Collagen and various foods can help boost your collagen intake, there are also things that can damage your collagen levels. Plenty of these things can double as healthy-living tips as well -- that includes quitting smoking and eating too much sugar. One other thing that some may not realize also hinders collagen production is getting too much sun. Of course, Vitamin D is important (and a key to keeping your bones healthy), but too much ultraviolet radiation is not good for you or your skin. Enjoy your fun in the sun, but layer on that sunscreen!


Why Restoring Collagen is Beneficial

There are so many benefits of collagen for everyone! As we touched upon when outlining the types of collagen, it is the foundation of many integral parts of your body. In addition to that, it can also help boost the health of your hair, nails, and skin, while also keeping your joints healthy. Making sure you keep your body performing at the highest level is important to all of us, and that’s why a little extra collagen can go a long way, no matter who you are and no matter what you do!




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