Why You Should Drink H20

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Why You Should Drink H20

Drink H20, Women Drinking H20 with Indigo Marine Collagen Peptides

Water is important to everyone on this planet. We all need to drink H20 in our daily lives so that we can help our bodies perform at their peak, but what exactly does water do for our bodies? It is such an important part of our bodies (after all, we are about 60% water), but sometimes we may take for granted what exactly it can do for us. Here are just some of the reasons that water is so important to us.

Water Helps Our Bodies Function

Water is an extremely important part of many different bodily functions. It helps us to regulate our body’s temperature and keep us cool, which is just one of the reasons it’s so important to drink to avoid dehydration. Water helps create saliva which helps us to break down food, and it also helps to absorb nutrients from our food. In addition to all these things, it also can improve the circulation of oxygen throughout our body through our blood. Water is essential to keep us going and healthy even in ways we may not have thought about.

Water Keeps Our Bodies Running

Water also plays a key role in ensuring that no matter what we are doing, we will do it at 100%! Of course, drinking water while participating in physical activity is important to avoid dehydration, but water is good for so many things other than that. For starters, it is important to replenish the fluids you lost while working out, and in doing so you may find that your endurance during your workout remains high all throughout it! Even if you are not doing high-intensity workouts, keeping some water on hand, whether you are going on a walk or are at the gym, while you’re staying active is never a bad idea.


Water Keeps Us Healthy

It is always good to increase your water intake while you are ill, and that is for a very good reason. We can lose important fluids through illness, for example, running a fever causes us to sweat and lose water that way, so it’s important that we keep our intake high to ward off any potential dehydration. Water is not only good when we are sick, though. Water can help us to prevent several other medical issues like kidney stones, UTIs, constipation, and hypertension.

Enhance Your Water

One of the other reasons we love water is that you can really spice it up! Adding fruits or herbs into your water, or even some spices for a fun and surprising kick can be a great way to make drinking water fun! Of course, one of the best ways to spruce up your water, while giving yourself an additional health jolt, is through marine collagen! Indigo Collagen has some great tasting flavors like dragon fruit, blueberry acai, and raspberry lime. Collagen helps the health of your hair, nail, bones, and teeth, and, just like water, it will make your skin bright and healthy. Marine collagen is great for us all, and adding it to your water is a perfect way to make drinking your water tasty!


Our Hydration Challenge

It’s not too late to make a new New Year’s resolution! The Indigo Hydration Challenge is underway and it’s a great opportunity to set aside some time and energy specifically towards drinking water. We are of the belief that New Year resolutions should be a challenge, but also obtainable. Drinking more water is a healthy way to improve your daily life for everyone! Join our hydration challenge today and get tips and motivation from us on your journey. Water is vital to our bodies, treat your body right, give it the water that it needs!



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