Why You Should Use a Sustainable Water Bottle

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Why You Should Use a Sustainable Water Bottle

Sustainable Water Bottle

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it can be hard to find the perfect gift for those on your list. But we know of a great gift to get not just your loved ones, but yourself! Now, more than ever is it a good time to practice mindfulness of the environment, and one of the easiest ways is to make simple switches in your daily life. Getting rid of single-use plastics is a great chance to help make your mark on the environment, so we wanted to talk to you about why switching to a reusable and sustainable water bottle can be a great idea!

See the Stats

One of the most effective ways to understand just how bad plastic water bottles can be for the environment is by seeing the stats for yourself. According to EarthDay.org, humans buy roughly one million plastic water bottles a minute, and only 23% of those are recycled. In addition, 32% of the 78 million tons of plastic waste that humans produce are left to flow into oceans. Jilting those single-use plastics can be tough because they are so prominent in our lives, but starting by getting a great reusable water bottle and leaving plastic water bottles in the past can be a great way to help on your own!

Glass Is Great!

A glass water bottle isn’t just awesome for the environment, but it’s also the best way to store any water or food. Water in a glass bottle isn’t affected at all by its container when it comes to taste or potential pollutants. Glass is chemical-free, dishwasher safe, and it’s made from all-natural materials, which means you can sleep soundly knowing that you are doing good to your body as well as the planet! Our glass water bottle is stylish and perfect for mixing in your favorite Indigo Collagen flavor!


Points for Production

Why else should you switch to a reusable glass water bottle, and avoid plastics? Plastic water bottles use more oil in their production than a glass water bottle does -- and that goes for reusable plastic water bottles as well. Limiting your oil usage is also another way that you can limit your own carbon footprint, and kicking the plastic habit and switching to glass can be a quick and easy way to do it. 

Cost is Key!

If the environmental effects and helping out your body aren’t enough, then consider the cost benefits that switching to a reusable water bottle can offer you. Our glass water bottle is just $20 before shipping. Your average case of water can cost anywhere from $3 to $6. If you drink about a case a water a week, it would take under two months for your reusable water bottle to pay for itself, and we can assure you that its lifespan is much longer than two months. You will save even more money if you buy a bottle of water from the vending machine at work or school every day for, say, $1.50. Using your new glass water bottle for two weeks at work would cancel out the cost there, as well! That’s just another reason to go green and go glass!

Style Points

Buying a reusable water bottle for the looks of it certainly pales in comparison to the other reasons we outlined, but a good-looking water bottle can even be a fun accessory for you and your daily life the same way your bag or backpack, or purse can be! Our glass water bottle has a classy wooden twist top that’s easy to open and adds to the look of the glass. With it being both ethically sourced and great to look at, we’d call that a double whammy!

Making simple switches in our life to help the environment can be a great way to control the controllable in our own life when it comes to saving the planet. We love using our reusable water bottles! We think you will, too.



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