How Do Collagen Supplements Work?

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How Do Collagen Supplements Work?

How Do Collagen Supplements Work?

Collagen supplements have been growing in popularity due to its "anti-aging" benefits. People are excited to see the results: healthier skin, stronger nails and shiny hair. Taking type 1 collagen as a supplement supports these results. Another benefit of collagen that is often times overlooked is the benefits to joints. Type 2 collagen is known for promoting joint health.

Do Collagen Peptides Work?

 “Collagen peptides” are the main ingredient in most collagen supplements.  

That is because whole collagen can take time for your body to process and use. This delay can reduce the amount of collagen that makes it into your bloodstream and, eventually, to your skin, joints, and other body parts.

 By breaking down collagen through hydrolysis before adding them to a supplement, the collagen supplement takes effect much faster. The resulting short chains of amino acids are what are known as collagen peptides, and they can be absorbed and put to use by the body quicker than whole collagen. Although they’re smaller, collagen peptides are more effective than whole collagen. Testing shows that these peptides travel to the skin quickly and stay there for up to two weeks, improving skin health.

Do Collagen Pills Work?

Pills are a more common form of collagen supplement. They are easy to transport, and you can take them at any time of day with any beverage. However, there are some important considerations regarding how pills measure up to collagen powder.

 As mentioned above, the design of modern collagen supplements is to take effect quickly and digested and absorbed easily. While pills are superior to food-based collagen, they still require your body to break down the capsule before the hydrolyzed collagen inside can be broken down. 

 Comparatively, collagen powder takes less work on your body because there is nothing additional to be digested. 

 That said, collagen pills work as long as they contain the right kinds of collagen. However, collagen powder may be a more effective way of taking collagen.

What Are the Benefits of Collagen Supplements?

We all produce some amount of collagen internally. Why do you need to use a product that gives you what you already have? That has to do with the natural effects of aging and the biological process, catabolism.

 When we start aging, the body’s anabolic (constructive process) efforts begin to decline, and catabolism (destructive process) takes precedence. This effect has an impact on collagen production. The results of which include:

  • As the skin’s collagen production slows down, the density of collagen fibers deteriorates, leaving the skin unable to resist stretching and leading to the development of wrinkles.
  • The collagen in the joints wears out, causing pain and soreness in the hands, feet, and other areas.
  • Muscle mass deteriorates, in part because collagen is not as widely available.

The slowing collagen production is a natural part of the aging process. The best way to counter this is by using collagen supplements, which give your body additional resources and encourages the production of collagen where it is needed. This increase in collagen production by using collagen supplements can provide many benefits, including more elastic skin, healthier joints, and stronger nails. Add a scoop of Indigo Marine Collagen to your favorite drink to start seeing and feeling the benefits. 

Try a Collagen Supplement and Experience Healthier Skin and Joints



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