Keys to a Well-Balanced Diet

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Keys to a Well-Balanced Diet

Keys to a Well-Balanced Diet

Everyone knows that when you eat well, you feel good. Everyone’s diet varies, and some people have different nutritional needs than others, but there are some things that everyone can do to give their diet a little extra boost. A well-balanced diet is vital to feeling good and staying fit, and today we wanted to give you some of our keys to success for maintaining that great diet so you can continue living healthy and feeling great!

Not Just Food - Water Too!

One of the main keys to keeping your body running smoothly and keeping a well-balanced diet intact is your fluid intake. Water is a vital tool for whatever level of fitness you are looking to maintain with your body. If you are looking to lose weight, water and a healthy diet go hand-in-hand in making sure that you do so! Water helps relieve headaches, boost concentration, and keeps your energy levels high. When paired with Marine Collagen, it can also help revitalize and promote healthy hair, skin, joints, and bones, making it a key portion of your well-balanced diet. So make sure to keep sipping on water throughout your day and keeping your hydration levels high.


Eat Those Greens

Alright, we can admit it, when we were younger if something was green and leafy, it was an instant turnoff. But now that we’ve grown older and wiser, we must say that we love all forms of greens. Vegetables of any kind are a key to that well-balanced diet, but we specifically love leafy greens and all of their benefits. Keeping your diet full of leafy greens can help reduce your risk of obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Some of our favorites are their benefits include…

Kale: Full of Vitamins A, C, and K, kale is a great option for any salad that you may have.

Spinach: One of the more popular greens, spinach is full of folate, which is especially important for those pregnant or looking to become pregnant.

Romaine Lettuce: Perfect for that Caesar salad of yours, romaine has plenty of Vitamin A and K in it, and is our personal lettuce of choice!

Bok Choy: Bok choy has tons of selenium, which can help reduce your risk of some cancers, thyroid disease, as well as heart disease. It’s perfect in any soup!

Our point is that there are plenty of wonder-veggies out there ready to help aid in your quest to live a healthy life and eat a well-balanced diet!

Finding the Right Fat

Fat in food can sometimes get a bad rap. Some foods that are high in fat contain some vital benefits, like lowering your cholesterol, blood pressure, and lowering the risk of a heart attack. Take the avocado, for example! While high in fat, the type of fat that the avocado has can be anti-inflammatory, and its oil prevents heart disease and diabetes. 

Another fatty food that has some unexpected health benefits is dark chocolate. Dark chocolates of a high amount of cocoa (we recommend 70% or higher) have plenty of antioxidants while also potentially help prevent heart disease, as well! Another great fatty option that pairs perfectly with chocolate is nuts! Unsalted almonds, brazil nuts, and walnuts are all great options to inject a crunch into your sweet treats or salads, and they offer tons of nutrients and antioxidants.

The key is to have all of these foods, like all others, in moderation, but for a well-balanced diet, make sure you don’t skip entirely out on the fats.

Making Healthy Easy

It can be tough to have a well-balanced diet sometimes, but as we’ve highlighted, lots of foods that you might think of eating every day contain some powerful nutrients and antioxidants for your body. If you throw some of these ingredients together, you’ll have a meal that would make anyone proud. Combine some of your favorite heart-healthy avocado in a kale salad, with some walnuts for crunch and pears for sweetness, and you’ve just covered plenty of your bases.

And, of course, make sure you wash it down with plenty of water loaded with your favorite flavor of Marine Collagen to promote health on the outside (nails, skin, and hair) along with on the inside (bones and joints). The next step to clean eating and healthy living is right around the corner!




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