Five Tips for Better Nails

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Five Tips for Better Nails

Image of Better Nails, Healthy Nails with Tool

We all want all parts of our body to be as healthy as possible! But sometimes there are some parts of the body that we overlook. Our nails can be one of them. We bite on them, pick at them, and so on, but at the end of the day, having healthy nails can help protect us from infection and germs as they shield our fingers and toes. We wanted to run down five of our top tips for healthy nails and show you that keeping your nails healthy and happy isn’t as hard as you may think!

Get Regular Nail Trims!

Trimming your nails roughly once a week can be great practice for getting rid of germs trapped underneath the nail. Those germs under the nail is why it’s important not to bite your nails as well, since it can be detrimental to both your nails and you. It’s important to also use sharp nail cutters or scissors to cut across, so jagged edges don’t irritate your skin. Keeping your nail growth in check can be a quick and easy way to taking care of your nails as a whole!

Keeping Up the Collagen

Daily marine collagen is great for so many reasons! Lots of health benefits, like healthy hair, bones, skin, and, yes, nails too, are really seen when you take marine collagen daily, which is why we advocate for daily usage of collagen! With Indigo Collagen’s great-tasting flavors like blueberry acai, we hope that you will be excited for your daily dose of collagen while also loving the benefits that it can help provide you with. For healthy nails, you will want to make sure that you choose marine collagen!


Finding the Right Shoe

This one is specifically for toenails! Toenail health has a lot to do with your shoes, which may come as a surprise. First and foremost, simply wearing shoes can be important for your nail health. Anyone who has run in a pair of ill-fitting shoes can attest to the black toenails that may come as a result of that. Finding a good-fitting pair of walking (or running) shoes is key for all who are hoping to keep their toenails in good health. Good socks, additionally, also help reduce friction between foot and shoe and help protect your toenails.

Avoid Heavy Duty Usage

Using your nail to do some things your fingers can’t on their own is okay – hey, we know what it’s like to scratch a good itch! But what you want to avoid doing with your nails is using them as an object or a tool that may cause trauma to them. For example, using your nails repeatedly to open pop cans can be damaging to them, and may even cause them to break in the moment. Be sure to be practical when it comes to using your nails, and be smart about what may or may not cause damage to them.

Take Care of the Cuticles

Our last tip is certainly not the least, and it’s one of the most important! We all know about the cuticle, if you know the name of any part of the nail, it’s probably that one. It can be tempting to pick at your cuticles, but a compromised cuticle is a compromised nail. Moisturizing with cuticle oil or cream can help protect and strengthen your nails as a whole since the cuticle can affect the health of the nail bed. Simply not picking at them will go a long way in keeping your nails healthy!




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