5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

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5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Aerial View of Woman Reducing Stress with Yoga

De-stress with us! May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we know the burnout is real. Burnout looks like: feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands. Sound familiar? We're here to support you! There are simple things that we can all do to relieve stress and stay relaxed.

Here are our 5 favorite ways to de-stress:


Meditation has been scientifically proven to help alleviate stress after just 8 weeks of regular practice. Reduced stress levels can lead to less anxiety overall. Here are simple steps to start meditating, even if you're a beginner:

1. Find place to sit that feels calm and quiet to you. Make sure you're stable and in a position you can stay in for a while.

2. Set a short time (like 2-5 minutes). You can set a timer on your phone or following a guided meditation.

3. Pay attention to your breath. Feel the sensation of your breathing as your breath goes in and out. 

4. Don't worry if you're mind wanders too much. Don't be so hard on yourself, acknowledge when your mind wanders, and simple come back and return your attention to your breath. 

5. Open your eyes and return slowly and make sure to give yourself positive thoughts as you close with kindness.


There are tremendous benefits to journaling. Journaling provides an opportunity for positive self-talk and identifying negative behaviors and thoughts. This doesn't have to be lengthy; it can be as simple as writing five things you're grateful for or what you want to accomplish that day. Getting all of the stress down on paper before you start your day clears your mind and allows you to focus on the tasks at hand. 

Digital Detox

If you grab your phone immediately after waking up, you're more likely to be drawn to it throughout the day. (We're looking at you, Instagram scroller.) So, before you log onto emails and social media, take some time for yourself and set some goals for the day.

Taking time off your phone can increase your attention span, boost creativity, and reduce the stress that comes from constant connectivity.

Move Your Body

Exercise improves your mental health and mood by increasing the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters: endorphins. Exercise also supports the quality of sleep, and reduces joint pain and stiffness. 

You don't have to spend an hour in the gym lifting weights. Simply go outside, enjoy the sunshine, and take a walk!

Boost your wellness routine

What is a wellness routine? It is a daily schedule that incorporates all of your daily healthy habits. Your specific wellness routine will support you on those tough days and give you an extra boost on your best days.

Adding a scoop of Indigo to a post-workout beverage supports recovery and healthy joints. You can even add a scoop of collagen into your coffee, smoothie, or even oatmeal for added benefits in the morning! 


What are some of your favorite self-care tips? Join us on Instagram and let us know!



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