What Do Marine Collagen Peptides Do for Your Face?

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What Do Marine Collagen Peptides Do for Your Face?

Marine Collagen Peptides for Your Face

Our face is a primary focus of self-care for many of us. Often, the aim is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brighten the complexion, or clear up acne. As one of the essential elements of healthy skin, collagen is a key part of maintaining your outward appearance, which is why collagen supplements have become so popular in recent years.

How Collagen Works in Your Face

As an organ, the skin is as complicated as any other, but there’s no doubt that collagen plays an important role in its structure and function. Collagen is critical to the creation and preservation of all of the body’s connective tissues, including the cartilage in your joints. Additionally, the amino acids in this protein can also be used in the production of hair and nails. The primary functions of collagen are providing elasticity and maintaining hydration to the skin.

Within the skin, elasticity comes from bundles of collagen called fibrils, which are what allow the skin to resist the pull of gravity. As we age, our body starts to produce less collagen, so the number and quality of fibrils in the skin of the face start to decline. When there is less support from collagen fibrils, this results in increasingly deep wrinkles around the eyes and mouth as we age.

Benefits of Collagen for Your Face

Boosting collagen production in the face and throughout the body is crucial to preventing and treating wrinkles and improving skin hydration. Studies1 have shown that increasing a person’s intake of collagen – in the form of collagen peptides – can improve skin condition. One particular study looked at the effects of collagen supplements on 33 women ages 40-59 and found that there was a 28% increase in skin hydration; another study involving 47 women ages 35-55 revealed that collagen supplementation can lead to a 30% decrease in deep wrinkles.

Many users have reported improvements to skin complexion, a reduction in acne formation, and many other benefits after only a week or two of using collagen.

What Kind of Collagen to Take for Your Face

When choosing the right collagen supplement for your face, remember that not all products are equally safe or effective. Generally speaking, there are two types of collagen to choose from: Land-based collagen, which can be sourced from cows, pigs, or chickens. The second, marine collagen, is sourced from the ocean

Although both types of collagen supplements feature the same main ingredient, land-based collagen sources may feature the same risks as other modern animal products – namely, potential exposure to hormones, antibiotics, or genetic modification. Marine collagen, if sourced from wild-caught fish, can avoid these concerns. Indigo Marine Collagen Indigo Marine Collagen, for instance, is sourced from the wild white fish of the North Atlantic, so you can be confident that your collagen is untouched by unwanted chemicals.

Plus, Indigo Collagen is made with collagen peptides, not whole collagen. Peptides are collagen protein chains that have been partially broken down, allowing your body to process and absorb them much more easily. Studies have shown that collagen consumed in peptide form can last up to two weeks in the skin, aiding collagen production in your face and other areas.

Try a Safe, Effective Collagen Supplement to Help Your Face Shine




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