New Year New You: Resolutions for Everyone

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New Year New You: Resolutions for Everyone

Women Leaving Yoga Class Talking About New Year Resolutions, New Year New You

It’s almost 2022, and we don’t know about you, but we are okay with seeing the door hit 2021 on its way out. New year, new you! There has been plenty of good and bad all mixed throughout this past calendar year, but now it is time to look ahead into a new year and all that that has to offer. If you are like us, sometimes it can be easier to look ahead while visualizing a goal or an objective, which is why we think having a new year’s resolution or two, or three, or more, can be a fun way to challenge yourself to do or achieve something you have been meaning to, but maybe didn’t have the time or energy to in 2021. So in the spirit of the new year, here are some new year’s resolutions that we all can achieve!

Attempting a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Sustainability is something that matters a lot to us here at Indigo Collagen. Whether it’s our sustainable holiday gift guide (these are all still great gifts to give as a random act of kindness!) or our love of our new reusable glass water bottle, we think that cutting down on your carbon footprint can be an awesome way to try and make an impact on your own life as well as others in 2022. One great way to try and lead a more sustainable lifestyle is to see how much plastic waste you can cut out of your life. Keep track of every time to jilt plastic bags at the supermarket, or every time you fill up that water bottle instead of buying a plastic one. It all adds up and you will be able to see what a difference you are making!


Time to Hydrate!

If you are going to have a new water bottle, why not get some use out of it! Setting a daily hydration goal for yourself can be a wonderful way to bring in the new year while pushing yourself to new health heights. There is no wrong way to hydrate, but we think that potentially monitoring how many times you refill your reusable water bottle, or tracking how many glasses of water you drink in a day can both be great ideas when it comes to deciding how you want to measure your hydration.

Join our 2022 Indigo Hydration Challenge!

Spending Time with a New Skill (or Hobby)

Just simply leaping into a new hobby or skill can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we think even just setting aside 10-15 minutes a day for whatever it may be you want to do more of in 2022 is a great new year’s resolution for anyone. It could be something you can do anywhere, like reading. Take ten minutes on your morning commute to read whatever book that has been teasing you from its perch on your shelf. Or, maybe it’s something that requires a little more learning, like chess or an instrument. Maybe take the first ten minutes after you finish working, either from home or when you get home, and dedicate it to doing that. It can also serve as a great way to unwind from your day at work and get you back in the mood to spend some quality time with your loved ones, or with yourself, after a day’s work.

Being Kinder to Ourselves

You can never be too kind to yourself, and that is why we also think simply acknowledging yourself is a great option for a new year’s resolution. Self-love can take many forms, and practicing self-gratitude can be done in long and short ways. Maybe you just want to give yourself the gift of some great-tasting marine collagen while being kinder to your physical body. Perhaps you want to journal more and highlight all the positive character traits you like about yourself. Maybe you simply want to be kind to yourself through loving others and texting or calling a different friend you may not regularly keep in touch with every day. These are all great ways to love yourself and show yourself that you care, and we think that is what new year’s resolutions are all about at the end of the day.


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