Hair Care 101: How to Grow Thicky, Shiny Hair

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Hair Care 101: How to Grow Thicky, Shiny Hair

Girl with Voluminous Hair in a Pony Tail

Whether you’re trying to grow your hair long or want to maintain healthy looking hair, the health of your hair is important. The things we put into our bodies, like our diet, and the products we use on our hair will show through how thick and shiny your hair is. Of course, everyone is different, but there are some things we all can do to improve the health of our hair.

Looking to upgrade your hair-care routine? You’re in luck! We’re giving you all the tips on how to grow thick, shiny, and healthy hair. Just add these simple things to your hair care routine.

Shampoo and Conditioner (Look at the Ingredients)

Did you know that the ingredients in your shampoo and conditioner can greatly impact the overall health and shine of your hair? Ingredients to avoid in your shampoo: Sulfates, Parabens, Polyethylene Glycols, Triclosan, and Synthetic Fragrances and Colors.

Washing your hair too often could be impacting your overall hair health. Shampoo is designed to clean the scalp and remove excess oil, but when overused, shampoo could strip important oils the scalp produces and can leave the hair and scalp dry.

Using conditioner is one of the most important steps for healthy hair. Adding moisture back into the hair, especially the ends of your hair, can keep your hair looking shiny and healthy.

Heat Protection

Protecting our hair from the hot curling wand is vital to our hair health. Before you curl or straighten your hair for the day, spray heat protection! Not only will you keep from frying your hair, which can lead to split ends, your hair will actually look healthy and shiny.

Heat protectants add a barrier between your hair and the heated styling tools. It can help seal in moisture and reduce frizz. Heat protectants can help make your hair look smooth and feel soft. Although they will not protect your hair 100%, they can greatly reduce the negative effects of using heated styling tools.

Well-Balanced Diet

A well-balanced diet can help your hair stay strong and reduce the amount of hair loss. Since your hair is primarily made of proteins, eating the right amount of protein is important for hair growth. Other foods containing omega and zinc can also keep our bodies healthy and promote healthy hair growth.

Another way to promote hair growth is by drinking water! Your scalp, just like your skin, can become dehydrated. Staying hydrated is a great way to promote healthy hair growth, among other benefits. 

Marine Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is used to maintain health for everything from hair, skin, nails, and joints. The collagen production in our bodies starts to slow down after the age of 25. Adding a collagen supplement to your diet can help support several aspects of your body, including your hair! 


Hair Shine: How can collagen make your hair shine? By supporting your gut health! A healthy gut leads to maximum protein absorption, which can help with healthier, shinier hair. Collagen also helps support the sebaceous glands, which keeps the moisture in our skin and hair.

Hair Growth: Collagen contains the amino acid building blocks of the keratin protein which is known to promote hair growth and strength. Collagen also has antioxidant effects that may help protect follicles against damage to keep your hair growing!

Hair Strength: Free radical damage not only has adverse effects on our health, but it can also damage our hair follicles. In order to combat this damage and promote healthy hair, your body needs antioxidants. Marine collagen can act as an antioxidant and fight damage caused by free radicals. Type I collagen found in marine collagen not only provides antioxidants to fight free radicals, but also strengthens hair follicles to reduce breakage.

Try Indigo Marine Collagen to help promote quick and healthy hair growth.



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